Pario 360 Degree Feedback
... easily administered 360 degree feedback, with options for customized, tailored design

Pario 360 Feedback is easily administered and includes automated email messages and follow-up reminders, all tailored to requirements.

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Pario 360 can also deliver Assessment & Development Centre Reports. Assessor Ratings & Comments are entered via wifi links and compiled in a report that includes ratings on competencies and exercises. The report ready for final review of each candidate at the ‘wash-up’ session. Reports are generated in Word, ready for final review and editing.

See a Sample Assessment Centre Report

The Assessment / Development Centre Report is likely to include:

1.  Charts showing Assessor ratings on Competencies and Exercises

2.  Assessor Comments / Observations (by Competency and Exercise)

3.  Summary Tables, showing overall Assessor Ratings

4.  Additional Comments / Observations

The preliminary report is generated in Word and can be shared (via data projector) in the wash-up meeting.

 Assessment & Development Centre Reports

Designed to Meet Your Requirements:

* Easy Administration...  Fully-Managed or ‘DIY’

* ‘Off the Shelf’ or Fully Tailored Design

* Great Flexibility... Request New Features!

Sample Pario 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaire


Pario 360 Degree Feedback supports coaching, performance appraisal and development. Our team of Chartered Psychologists have years of experience and can help you define competencies and create the best questions.

NEW - Assessment/Development Centre Reporting from Pario HR Solutions… the system combines Assessors’ Ratings and Observations, creating an in-depth, preliminary report, ready for the final review meeting.

360 Degree Feedback Design & Report Options

Tailored 360 Degree Feedback Options

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