Pario 360 Degree Feedback
... easily administered 360 degree feedback, with options for customized, tailored design

Pario 360 degree feedback is delivered by Pario Innovations

We are committed to improving leadership capability and strengthening Motivation and Commitment at work.

Why 360 Degree Feedback from Pario?

We specialise in assessing and developing performance at work. Pario 360 offers innovative options designed to increase flexibility and effectiveness.  

The 360 questionnaires, reports and automated emails are tailored to client requirements.

360 Degree Feedback Benefits

360 Degree Feedback and Follow-up Workshops

Our team of experienced consultants can complete one-to-one feedback sessions with ‘Focus People’ i.e. the subjects of the 360. We can also facilitate a ‘planning & review’ session immediately after feedback, which includes the immediate manager (to increase commitment to Action).

360 Degree Feedback Coaching Programmes for Managers

Pario Coaching programmes include completion of the Pario Professional Questionnaire that highlights key aspects of work behaviour and motivation, face-to-face meetings, Skype coaching, and the option of 360 degree feedback.

Pario 360 Degree Feedback Fully Managed ‘Bureau Service’

We can handle all aspects of the 360 admin and report generation process. The questionnaire can be based on your competencies, questions and choice of response options. Reports are tailored to requirements. Feedback can be conducted by your managers or our consultants.

More about Pario Innovations

360 Degree Feedback + Additional Services

360 Degree Feedback + Leadership Development Centre Programmes

Our expertise includes combining 360 feedback of Performance with tailored Development Centres that assess Potential.  See the 9 box matrix…

Pario can also create Assessment / Development Centre Reports (see below)

Pario 360 Degree Feedback

1.  Assessor Comments/Observations are recorded shortly after each Exercise is completed

2.  Comments and Ratings are integrated, so a draft report is available at the start of the review meeting

3.  The system saves information, avoids the need to transcribe notes, and allows more scope for informed discussion

The preliminary report is generated in Word and can be shared (e.g. via data projector) in the wash-up meeting.

Benefits of Pario Assessment Centre Reports