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Personal Development Online Course

Building on the latest research, the online Personal Development Course starts with a 30 minute self-assessment questionnaire.

Eight development modules, with tailored content, are delivered automatically at agreed intervals (typically every 7 - 10 days).

Pario Associates offer One-to-One Coaching to support Development.

The two-day (optional) Introductory Workshop is held at the client’s choice of venue and can be tailored to address specific requirements.

The course sets out practical steps linked to increased effectiveness, offering real insight into factors shaping motivation and performance at work.

An exceptional online Personal Development Course, with individually tailored content and an optional two-day introductory workshop for Organizations.

How Does the Personal Development Course Work?

Participants start by completing a self-assessment questionnaire that explores important aspects of work behaviour and motivation. Following the initial introduction, additional development modules are delivered at agreed intervals, typically every seven days. The modules include a review of current patterns of work behaviour and provide insight relevant to the development activities covered in each module. Organizations have the option to tailor the content to a specific role and context, so the course can enhance preparation (or provide support) to other leadership programmes.

Pario Personal Development: A Cost-Effective “Personal Development Centre”

Feedback from delegates ~ relating to the two-day workshop:

“Excellent workshop, well delivered, with the content at the right level of detail”                                                 

“A very good course, insightful and practical”


“Great workshop… will help me and my team achieve business goals”

“Purposeful Conversations and Influencing Skills was most useful”

The average rating has been around 4.6 on a 5 point scale.

Module 1

Reviews principles of Feedback and Self Development and describes the process

Module 3

Learning Agility is viewed in the context of Analysis and Problem Solving

Module  4

Skills that turn ideas into action are referenced against the Personal Profile

Module 5

Setting Direction is vital, but requires Self Awareness and Authentic Action

Module 6

Authentic Leadership and steps that build effective influence are explored

Module  7

Decision Making is reviewed with a focus on positioning and delivery

Module  8

Personal Values are profiled in the context of role objectivity and high performance

Module 2

Strengths & Personal Development Plans are reviewed with a focus on follow-up Action

Did you know that the theory of motivation behind many leadership courses is seriously out of date? What really matters are the essential steps that encourage ‘discretionary effort’ and create a sense of shared purpose. This course builds on the latest motivation theory, taking personal development to a new level.

Pario Senior Consultants have many years experience of profiling senior management and  leadership potential using advanced psychometrics, Situational Judgment Tests, and Assessment Centres. The Personal Development Course draws on this experience and provides insight into important Success Factors.

The course highlights delegates’ Personal Style of working and the preferences that are likely to affect overall performance.* This feedback adds focus to Action Plans and helps increase Self Awareness and improve personal effectiveness …and provides the basis of the 100 day fast-track to Leadership Effectiveness.

* The questionnaire has been validated against Development Centre ratings

In Summary: Unlock The Essential Steps to Personal Effectiveness

The Modules increase Self Awareness and the focus on Personal Development can be linked to Practical Leadership Skills Training. The course is suitable for professionals aspiring to leadership roles, and front-line and middle managers who want to harness Personal Strengths in themselves and others.  The process has a strong focus on Problem Solving, Relationship Management and Delivery of Results

Executive & Management Effectiveness: What Goes Wrong?

Research that reviews Executive Performance and potential for Senior Roles shows that many people have the intelligence and technical expertise, and are promoted… and then fail to deliver! There are often personal weaknesses or “blind spots” relating to the key areas of Analysis and Problem Solving, Working with People (Interpersonal Issues), or the Focus to Deliver Results.

Many professionals lack awareness of the wider issues contributing to high performance. They do not grasp the Rules of the Game. Without Self Awareness, effectiveness in a more senior role is weakened - and derailment becomes a real risk! The Personal Development Course offers a solution. It is both innovative and cost-effective.

Positioning the High Performance Personal Development Course

We suggest that the Senior HR team review their key objectives and consider the inclusion of tailored content, and then identify participants… Companies may also wish to discuss follow-up arrangements (e.g. 360 degree feedback) and consider how delegates’ immediate managers can best support the process.  The final step involves preparing specific briefing notes and appropriate support materials.

Participants complete the initial self-assessment

(30 - 35 minutes)

The Course Overview is sent shortly after the self-assessment is completed

Modules 1 - 4 are sent at agreed intervals. These are tailored to the individual by taking account of the self-assessment preferences.

Two Day Introductory Workshop (optional… and can be tailored)

The workshop is available to Organizations and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. A Pre-Course questionnaire also highlights issues relevant to delegates. The Workshop includes review of Module 1 and 2 - and gives an overview of the themes covered in subsequent modules.

Modules 5 - 8 are sent at agreed intervals. These are tailored to the individual.

Face-to-Face or Skype Coaching  (optional)

This support is available to corporate clients at additional cost

Complete the Pario 360° Feedback questionnaire

This is an option for managers who have completed all elements of the Personal Development Course. A full report supports further development.

Follow-up (for Corporate Clients) may include a review meeting with the individual and his/her immediate manager. This might follow-on from the 360 degree feedback meeting.

The Personal Development Course raises delegates’ Self Awareness and ability to use apply learning to new situations. The course can be supported by the Introductory Workshop and also linked to one-to-one coaching sessions. The program is suitable for (i) professional / specialist staff seeking to widen their overall capability, (ii) front line / middle managers and (iii) people aspiring to achieve senior leadership roles.

Remember that each module includes tailored content, highlights current work preferences and motivational issues.

This tailored approach helps highlight Strengths - and also issues related to Blind Spots and  priorities for development.

Organizations should email to discuss options for tailored solutions that can compliment existing Personal Development land Leadership Development  programmes.

Course Author: The Personal Development Course has been developed by David Sharpley, a UK based Chartered Psychologist with over 20 years experience working with large organizations to assess and develop Leadership Talent.  David presented cutting-edge research on organizational leadership and 360 degree feedback at the UK Occupational Psychology Conference in 2006 and 2011 and was a keynote speaker at the 2010 Excellence in Talent Management Conference in Barcelona. He has run MasterClass workshops on Competency Profiling in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok (2011 - 2014). He has published numerous articles relating to leadership effectiveness and high performance at work. His experience of assessing high potential managers, coupled with an in-depth understanding of learning agility and authentic leadership, gives him unrivalled insight into the Success Factors that contribute to effectiveness in senior-level roles. This ‘inside-information’ is now available to you.

Leadership is required at all levels in modern organizations. Managers and other professionals need insight into key aspects of work behaviour and motivation. They must be aware of the behaviour that contributes to a positive work environment that builds motivation and commitment - the foundations of high performance.  This focus underpins the course and helps professionals understand the steps required for leadership in organizations - and provides a firm basis for Personal Development Plans.

The course is appropriate for managers, experienced professionals and specialist staff, helping raise delegates’ self awareness and clarify practical leadership skills. The content can also address specific issues relevant to the Client Organization (and extra modules can be added).   

Note: Module 2 summarizes the self-assessment analysis and key points relating to personal development. This ‘report’ provides an overview of the issues that will be explored in subsequent modules, and also draws attention to potential Strengths / Weaknesses and how these may impact on performance.

Developing Leadership Competencies

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Testimonials - Personal Development Workshop

The Personal Development Course addresses the problem, highlighted by research, that two-thirds of managers demonstrate significant short-comings and a full 75% are viewed by direct reports as “the most stressful aspect of their job.”

Handbook of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, 2010 Vol 3 (Published by the American Psychological Association)