Pario 360 Degree Feedback
... easily administered 360 degree feedback, with options for customized, tailored design

360 Degree Feedback + Group Reports

The Pario 360 survey can also be used to validate competencies by analysing the feedback of Secondary Respondents. This clarifies the factor structure, confirming the questions that are regarded as most significant.  

Analysis can be linked to development of specific questions for each group of respondent, adding focus to coaching and 360 leadership programmes, clarifying issues linked to effective relationship management and Boundary Spanning issues.

360 degree performance appraisal forms an important part of development of open, authentic culture and enhanced leadership. The Pario 360 degree feedback software has been designed to provide the support required to deliver positive results.

Pario 360 degree feedback software is easy to use, with automated emails and status screens simplifying the administration.  Each client has access to a Control Panel that offers a choice of features. Organizations have the option to design questionnaires and reports, and also set up ‘client accounts’ (e.g. for local offices). Some of the significant features include:

To see a demonstration 360 questionnaire click on the link:  

Pario Online Executive Coaching Resources include 360 Degree Feedback and the Pario Professional Self-Assessment Questionnaire, which explores work behaviour and motivation.  The online Personal Development Course can be supported by one-to-one coaching and a two-day introductory workshop.

To see a demonstration 360 questionnaire click on the link:

Pario 360 Degree Feedback - Key Features

360 Degree Feedback Competency Analysis

Pario 360 Degree Feedback offers far more than a standard multi-rater report. The design incorporates the latest research on leadership effectiveness and how this can be linked to organizational design and work climate.

The Group Report options offer insight into wider strengths and weaknesses, adding focus to follow-up interventions.

Assessment / Development Centre Reports are also an option.

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