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Pario Professional is a competency-related questionnaire that profiles factors affecting motivation and work behaviour. Important elements include Organisational Awareness, Leadership Focus, Developing Opportunities and Striving for Success.

the most useful tool I have come across. I use it mainly for counselling where it allows me to explore a wide range of issues across the three major dimensions of Problems, People and Tasks. Each dimension includes eight competencies and the interrelationships between the 24 competencies can be very revealing allowing me to surface problem areas and develop action plans to resolve them.      

Dr Iain Graydon   Business Psychologist, People Development & Growth

As a user of this excellent metric in my own practice as a Coaching Psychologist, I can vouch for its efficacy and practical application in exploring sometimes difficult conversations in the coaching process. The manner in which the metric distinguishes between people, problems and tasks allows for a full exploration of the coachee’s management and leadership style and focus and also deeper consideration of potential hidden or blind spots in those areas. (Especially the people element)      

Hugh O’Donovan   Reg Psychol P.s.S.I  founding member and Chair of the Coaching Psychology Group (CPG), Division of Work Psychology (DWOP), Psychological Society of Ireland.

Having specialised in psychometrics for nearly 15 years, I can say that Pario is the most impressive profiler I have used to understand the needs and priorities of managers. Well validated and focused on the behaviours that differentiate high performers, Pario is a very powerful tool for a Business Coach.   

Paul Sinclair      Executive Coach

It is particularly useful for Executive / Manager assessment, coaching and development.

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