Pario 360 Degree Feedback
... easily administered 360 degree feedback, with options for customized, tailored design

Support Materials, Training Courses and Videos

Pario Associates have access to additional online resources, including training videos covering use of the Pario Control Panel.

One and two-day Training Courses provide training to use the Pario Professional and Leadership Questionnaires.

Gain insight into the latest developments in Assessment and Coaching and how to get the most from the Pario Professional and Leadership Questionnaires.

Pario HR Solutions include 360 Degree Feedback and questionnaires for Executive Assessment, Coaching and Development. The Commitment & Motivation Profiling Survey is a diagnostic tool for groups of 30+.

The full rnage of resouirces are available to Pario Associates.

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Pario  Associates:  Executive Assessment, Manager Leadership Development & Performance Coaching Options enable you to build on the Pario Professional Profiling and the 360 degree feedback capability. There is also the opportunity to offer coaching linked to the online Leadership Course.

Commitment and Motivation Profiling Surveys identify key factors that impact on employees’ level of Connection with the Organization. Surveys can be run with groups of 30+ staff.

Assessment & Development Centre Automated Reports are also available to Associates

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Pario online resources help Consultants / Associates generate new Business Opportunities, widening the range of services offered to Clients.

Executive Coaching & Assessment Resources