Pario 360 Degree Feedback
... easily administered 360 degree feedback, with options for customized, tailored design

Pario NHS 360 Degree Feedback Benefits include:

Pario 360 offers NHS Trusts the opportunity to develop fully tailored, customized 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaires for different groups of professionals. In addition to FREE Setup* e.g. NHS 360 LQF (Leadership Qualities Framework), the system also enables the HR Team to design new questionnaires and reports. We only charge for reports generated, with single reports (any number of respondents) at just £47 + VAT (volume related discounts are also available).

Pario 360 Degree Feedback enables clients to add Competencies and Response Scales and build on the Library of 100+ questions. You can quickly duplicate and edit questions so they can be used on new questionnaires you develop. Reports can also be edited.

360 Questionnaire Design and Reporting Options Include:

NHS Tailored 360 Feedback for Nurses and Doctors’ Revalidation

Free Pilot Studies for NHS Trusts

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The Pario online Personal Development Course includes individually tailored content, based on responses to an initial questionnaire. Delivery of the Development Modules is automated can be used to support the NHS Leadership Model. Content of the Modules can be tailored to meet NHS Trust requirements e.g. the Leadership Qualities Framework, Nursing 360 and Doctor revalidation 360 tool.

Online Personal Development Course

Follow-up on 360 feedback with online Personal Development Course…

* FREE setup of NHS 360 degree feedback questionnaires and reports is based on a minimum order of 10 reports @ £47 + VAT  

** Additional costs apply to the design and setup of Assessment & Development Centre Reports

NHS 360 Degree Feedback + Tailored Design